Salonen: Mechanisme
Waschka: Considering Jupiter
Image based lighting in 3D
Head Modeling Study (Maya)
Head Modeling Study (Sculpting)
Facial Expression Study
Dolphin Model and Texture
Head development for the Monkey King
Integration for course material
Integration for course material
Orthopedic Shoes for Children
Interactive Animation
Interactive Animation
Giant Rafflesia in Manhattan
Inside the Rafflesia Tunnel
Virtual Cells
Moorish girl
Study of a Lloyd Rees sketch
Witch remover
Concept frame
Curly tetrahedron 1
Eastern European character studies
Moorish girl 2
Concept design
Character design
Curly tetrahedron repetition
Curly tetrahedron connections
Character studies
Animal characters
Character design
Color coded interface I
Color coded interface II